Poor battery life in Macbook 12 2015 laptop

So you just bought yourself the mew shiny Apple Macbook 2015 laptop only to find out it has poor battery life. Apple claims that Macbook 12 has all day battery life but we have been receiving reports that it has less than stellar battery runtimes. So how would you improve Macbook 12 battery life the easy way? Here are few things you can do to make a huge difference.

Poor battery life in Macbook 12 2015 laptop

Improving Macbook 2015 battery life

* Use Safari as it is highly optimized to consume as little CPU resources within OS X as possible
* Make sure you install Adblock Plus extension in Safari to remove CPU tasking ads (especially animation and video based ads)
* Another nifty addon to improve Macbook 2015 battery life is to install ClickToFlash extension in Safari to prevent loading of resource hogging Flash animations. It is intelligent enough by not blocking HTML5 video instead.
* You should turn off Transparency. Do this by going into the Settings –> Accessibility –> Displays. I feel it is a needless eye candy.
– turn off the Bluetooth radio if it is not in use. Do this in Settings –> Bluetooth
– Make sure you have a decent WiFi connection. Do option-clicking on the Airport icon and confirm something stronger than -75 RSSI (e.g. -50 to -70).  A weaker wireless LAN network consumes more power.
– If you have a lot of apps installed, install iStat Menus to keep an eye on on which and what apps are eating the CPU resources.
– Once a month, run a maintenance app like Cocktail to optimize your operating system.

So there you go. The Macbook 2015 not only runs Parallels poorly but also has poor battery life. But you can try things

Macbook 12 2015 has poor Parallels performance

How does the Macbook 12 2015 runs windows 7 or windows 8 under Parallels? I got the 1.3 GHz model and the first thing I installed after getting Macbook 2015 is install windows 7 processional edition on it. I will be honest with you – it runs so-so. So the verdict is that if you are planning to run Windows, it is better to get Macbook Air i5 or i7 model as they have sufficient horsepower to run it.

macbook 2015 parallels performance

Macbook 2015 and Virtual Machines

Macbook 2015 was not made for such use in mind. It is great for doing web surfing, for little iMovie editing and watching movies. But if you are planning to more than that such run virtual machines and use Adobe Premier or any advanced program, you will be better off with retina macbook pro.

Education discount valid for Macbook 12 2015

A mytechpatner employee was told by an Apple Store employee earlier that education discount was not applicable for Macbook 12 inch 2015 model. But he was still not convinced so he went online to order it and then went to pick it up at the local Apple Store. I was not given any discount.

Education discount Macbook 12 2015

Then yesterday he went online again to order something else and to his surprise, it was showing discount for their Macbook 2015 model. Later I learnt that I could have got better discount at the Best Buy which is $130 off the list price.

So he called Apple and he was was credited the difference. I just thought I should share this news with the prospective Macbook 2015.

Education discount is also application on retina Macbook Pro.

Rokfolio iPhone 6 Wallet Case review

Rokform Rokfolio wallet case for the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offers a number of features that usually found in separate cases. The case has pockets incisive allowing user to store up ton three credit cards. Rokform Rokfolio wallet case also allows you to use Rokform v3’s mounting accessories using the hole present in the back of this iPhone 6 case.

Rokfolio iPhone 6 Wallet Case review

For added protection, volume controls and sleep wake buttons are kept covered. Here are the features of iPhone 6 Rokfolio features:

Rokfolio iPhone 6 Wallet Case reviews

Eliminate the need for a wallet
Holds 3 credit cards with ease
Durable tactile material with soft grippy touch
Magnetic closure
Doubles as a stand to view videos in landscape
Dual Compound 6 sided protection (6ft. drop tested)
Shock absorbing soft inner liner
Tough Outer polycarbonate shell
Includes Easy Stick Magnetic mount
Magnetic Grip (mount to almost any magnetic surface)
Simple snap-in installation
Works with all v3 accessories

However it is not compatible with the holster or armband. It does not look as classy as the Rokform Fuzion that we reviewed for the Apple iPhone 5S.

RooCase Exec Tough Review for iPhone 6 Plus

RooCase Exec Tough is a TPU case made of hard polycarbonate molded into rear shell. All the buttons are given protection as well. The corners are slightly raised for better drop protection.

RooCase Exec Tough iPhone 6 Plus review

RooCase Exec Tough feels very solid the very first time you pick it up. It fits very nicely and adds good protection to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus without adding a lot of bulk.The RooCase Exec Tough is priced at 30 dollars.

RooCase Exec Tough Review for iPhone 6 Plus

Also with every RooCase product sold, $1 goes towards free tablets and laptops for schools in need.

Official description

Apple iPhone 6 Exec Tough for drop protection
This roocase Exec tough is a serious case, designed with hybrid dual layers for superior protection. The flexible TPU handles impacts and the tough polycarbonate provides amazing stability and scratch resistance. It is built with Reinforced TPU corners for drop protection, providing added security where it’s most needed. The precise engineering of the Exec allows access to all ports, controls and shielding for the volume and power buttons. The smooth matte feel of PC allows you to enjoy the design of this case while keeping your iPhone 6 completely protected.

Hybrid dual layer superior protection
The Exec tough case is designed with two layers. The 1st layer secures the iPhone 6 providing stability, while the 2nd layer protects your phone from drops and sudden impacts with the reinforced TPU. This case has a very secure fit and a rubberized soft to the touch feel, due to the polycarbonate backing.

Scratch resistant with raised back ridges
The Exec Tough case is scratch resistant both inside and out, providing a clean presentation of your device. The raised back ridge provides additional scratch protection, assuring a pristine look and feel.

TPU and Polycarbonate material
The strong hard Polycarbonate plastic and soft TPU silicone combine for great stability and scratch resistance with drop protection and accessibility to all ports and controls.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review for Twelve South Book Book

Twelve South Book Book for iPhone 6 Plus looks like a book. It comes in choice of black or brown leather and has whopping six of internal pockets inside – one more than the regular iPhone 6 case. One of these pockets can be used to flash your ID when needed.

twelve south book book review iphone 6 plus

Twelve South Book Book iPhone 6 plus review

The Twelve South Book Book case is made of genuine leather.  There is a full size pocket which can be used to store receipts, cash and whatnot. In other words, it can replace your wallet.

twelve south book book review iphone 6 plus review

Check out Uniq Aircraft iPhone 6 case. Another very unique case for iPhone 6.
However it does makes the overall profile very thick and bulky. Others will think why you are carrying a Bible with you the whole time. Twelve South found a solution by allowing user to detach the iPhone 6 Plus from the wallet case and at the same time, adding protection to the back by still keeping it inside a thin shell case.

twelve south book review iphone 6 plus

With a quick slide to the left, the shell lifts completely out – so you can leave your wallet in a locker and take your phone to the treadmill. Carry your iPhone wallet combo when you need it, or just your Shell-covered iPhone when you don’t. This slim shell might fit better in your dashboard clip or on your desktop charging stand.

Macbook 2015 Core M 5Y71 benchmark and passmark

The base variant of the Apple Macbook 2015 features an Intel Core M 5Y71 processor. This processor is based on Intel Broadwell architecture and is manufactured using 14 nm manufacturing process. This means that it produces very little heat during operation. In fact the TDP  a k a thermal design power is mere 4.5 watts. Intel Core M 5Y71 scored 2699 in the passmark benchmark test.

macbook 2015 benchmarks

While the processor support up to 16GB of memory, you will not be able to upgrade it since everything is soldered on to the motherboard. They all come with 8GB RAM and there are no RAM options. It’s just basically different SSD and different CPU options.

In the Cinebench R15 (CPU Multi 64Bit) test, it scored 196.5.
In Geek bench 3 it scored 4207.

While both of these scores are not extra ordinary by any means, the Macbook 2015 with Core M 5Y71 is more than enough powerful to handle pretty much any thing a typical Apple user would run on it – Safari, Facebook, Mac App store apps and so on. A tiny bit of Photoshop on this laptop would not slow it down.

Surfr iPhone 6 Review, case with solar panel

Surfr has a unique ability to charge the iPhone 6 using the solar panel located on the back of the case. As the case has to accommodate the solar cells located at the back, it is a bit bulkier than rest of the iPhone 6 cases out there. If thinness matters to you, you should stop reading this review.

Surfr Apple iPhone 6 Review

EnerPlex Surfr Review

Surfr is not cheap. It costs a whopping 100 dollars but then it is the first Apple MFi (Made for iPhone) certified iPhone 6 solar and battery case. It features 2,700 mAh internal battery that provides more than 100 percent extra battery life. EnerPlex Surfr’s integrated solar panel can keep you charged up when in a pinch.

Surfr iPhone 6 Review

Surfr iPhone 6 specifications

Product Dimensions:154mm/15.4cm (6.1″) X 74mm/7.4cm (2.9″) X 14.8mm/1.48cm (0.8″)
Battery Capacity:2,700 mAh
Battery Life:Standby Time: Up to 375 Hours; Talk Time: Up to 20 Hours; WiFi: Up to 15 Hours; Audio Play: Up to 75 Hours; Video Play: Up to 16 Hours
Battery Type:Lithium-Ion
Recharge By:Micro-USB
Output:Lightning Connector
Power Output:1 Amp
Warranty:1 Year

Surfr can receive a charge any time it is in sunlight. However, many factors will affect the performance of the solar panel, such as if there is a window between the panel and sunlight, if it is cloudy, whether or not the panel is angled directly at the sun, etc. Also keep in mind that a solar panel of this size is largely intended for emergency situations, not necessarily as the primary power source for the Surfr.

EnerPlex Surfr Review

Also the solar panel on the Surfr cannot directly charge your phone’s battery, instead, it will send its power to the Surfr’s internal battery which you use to charge your phone as needed. The estimated time to fully charge your Surfr for iPhone 6 using the solar panel only is 24 – 34 hours, which is why it’s intended for emergency situations.

Macbook Pro: How to clone hard disk to SSD including operating system

So you just bought an SSD a k a solid state drive for your Macbook Pro and now you are looking to clone that old and slow hard disk and move all that data including the operating system to the new drive. Believe us, the Macbook Pro are still the best of Apple laptop line up and they become unbeatable after adding in an SSD.

How to clone hard disk to SSD

The one I personally recommend getting for your Macbook Pro is Samsung 850 Evo SSD. I have been using its predecessor, the Samsung 840 Evo for over an year now and it has been superb and trouble free so far. The Samsung 850 Evo solid state drives come with good enough warranty and it really hits a sweet spot when it comes to price.

Clone Macbook Pro HDD to SSD

Anyway let us get back to topic, that is how to clone the Macbook Pro hard disk to SSD. For the cloning I personally like the SuperDuper utility. This simple-to-use tool is a simple, powerful piece of software and its free version is good enough for the most users.

clone macbook pro hdd

You can use the SuperDuper to clone the HDD’s contents to your new SSD. Make sure you have partitioned it through Disk Utility using any generic USB to SATA adapter. This way, you can make sure the drive is ready to go before you start opening up your computer and moving things.

usb to sata adapter

Click on Copy Now button to start cloning.

How to charge Macbook 2015 and use USB simultaneously

The new Apple Macbook 2015 comes with a single USB C port so how would you charge a Macbook 2015 and use the USB at the same time? The solution is to use the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter that Apple sells for 79 dollars. This is how it looks like. It adds three connections: USB-C, HDMI and USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports. The USB-C can be used for charging and another USB can be used for connecting peripherals.

Macbook 2015 charge usb port

We saw every one complaining about not being able to charge the Macbook 2015 and use another peripheral such as Mouse as the same time. The answer is yes, you can do it but you will have to cough 79 dollars to add that functionality. We really hoped Apple included the $ 79 accessory in the box but alas, it does not.

charge Macbook 2015 and use USB

The Apple’s idea is that this is supposed to be a universal port and if you would be connecting many peripherals, then we suggest getting another USB to 4 port USB hub. We found one that retails for mere $ 6 so there is no point in not getting one.