Magpul iPhone 6 case review, an excellent case

Magpul is a great looking cheap iPhone 6 case that retails for just 12.93 dollars. It is made of semi-rigid thermoplastic elastomer construction provides protection against minor bumps and abrasions. The Magpul iPhone 6 case has compact design that adds minimal bulk to the iPhone 6 and fits like a charm.

Magpul iPhone 6 case review

The Magpul iPhone 6 case is not a rugged case but can be categorized in semi-rugged case category. It is good enough to provide basic protection in the field. It is made from a flexible thermoplastic, the Field Case features PMAG-style ribs for added grip, snap-on design for easy installation and removal, and slides easily in and out of pockets without snagging.

Magpul iPhone 6 case reviews

This Magpul iPhone 6 case has all the required cutouts and openings so that you are able to reach for all buttons and ports easily.

It is available on amazon for $12 and comes in grey, black, pink and brown colors. The one I reviewed (clear) is not available now.

Broadwell powered Macbook Air release date

A Czech website is now reporting that Apple is all set to release the Broadwell powered Macbook Air in February. According to the information released so far, the Apple Macbook Air will soon feature the Intel Core i7 5650U processor with base clock speed of 2.2 GHz or with Core i5 5250U CPU with 1.8G GHz base clock speed.

The fifth generation Intel Core i-series processor are manufactured using 14 nanometer process and thus are more energy efficient and incorporate more powerful integrated graphics unit. This means that Macbook Air will have better battery life and run less hot than before. However do not expect Apple to equip the Macbook Air 2015 to feature a higher resolution display.

Broadwell Macbook Air 2015

Also Apple will be releasing this new model without doing any show or fanfare, so expect a small announcement on their blog about it before the end of February.

New Caudabe Veil for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Review

Caudabe has updated their Veil iPhone case with a ridge around the camera in order to protect the camera ring. Priced at just 14.95 dollars, the Caudabe Veil is very thin and looks mega sleek. It is just 0.35 mm thick and is made for those who truly appreciate the beauty of the iPhone’s industrial design.

New Caudabe Veil for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Review

The Caudabe Veil is made of very soft plastic material that does not scratches the device. I have already removed it countless times as I often change cases on my iPhone. It is very form fitting too – there is absolutely no wobble when using it.

New Caudabe Veil for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The major rival of Caudabe Veil is Spigen Air Skin since both have similar look and feel but we prefer using the Caudabe Veil as it has improved camera cut out. The only complaint I have is that there are not enough frost colors available.

Does the Touch ID works with sweaty fingers on iPhone?

Touch ID is one of the best ways to enhance the security on the iPhone but does it work with sweaty fingers? Well on my iPhone 6 Plus I have noticed that even the smallest amount of wetness on my thumb makes the touch ID useless. Not only me but my friends who sweat a lot have noticed this.

So that is how it works – any kind of moisture on your finger and the Touch ID will have trouble recognizing it. Another interesting find – the one on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is more responsive than one on iPhone 5S. On the 5S, the sensor simply refuses to recognize the fingerprints even if they are not very sweaty.

So there goes it – if you are a kind of person that gets clammy hands really easy then Touch ID will become useless and it can be very annoying. Touch ID does not play well with the moisture. Fortunately you can quickly enter the passcode in such scenario.

Does the Touch ID works with sweaty fingers on iPhone

When your hands are dry, you will love Touch ID as it is extremely fast. Sometimes you will find that the screen is still fading on and my phone is already unlocked.

MultiCam iPhone 6 Plus Case Review, unique and stylish

Do you fear that your will easily bend your new Apple iPhone 6 Plus? Well consider getting the MultiCam iPhone 6 Plus case for it. It will not only prevent your iPhone from getting bent but also make it look very unique. It is made in USA by Jon Eicher and costs whopping 100 dollars. MultiCam claims that it provides camouflage to your iPhone 6 plus and adds lots of strength and RF neutrality to the phone calls you receive on it.

MultiCam iPhone 6 Plus Case Review (1)

While your iPhone 6 Plus runs cool most of the time, it does tends to get little hot if you are doing anything CPU or graphic intensive on it. MultiCam iPhone 6 Plus case provides passive ventilation through its holes on the back that keeps the large lithium iPhone 6 Plus battery cool. The MultiCam iPhone 6 Plus case all the required cutouts and openings so that you never have to take the case off for charging or syncing to your computer.

MultiCam iPhone 6 Plus Case Review, unique and stylish

MultiCam iPhone 6 Plus case will be produced in limited numbers so if you are interested in getting it, you should hop on to their website and book one now.

PowerSkin releases PoP’n Battery Packs for iPhone 6 and Plus

PowerSkin has announced that the PoPn 2 for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Priced for only $69.99, the PoP’n 2 features 4000 mAh battery that is capable of charging faster than any other battery pack and the reinforced hard shell plastic helps stabilize and protect the phone.

The PowerSkin Pop’n 2 for iPhone 6 is a very functional and practical solution for anyone looking to add more battery life to their iPhone but at the same time wish to retail the streamline look and feel of their new Apple iPhone 6.

With changes in Apple MFI regulations, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus battery cases are not slated to hit the market until early 2015, however the PoP’n 2 is available immediately for both devices.

PowerSkin Popn 2 for iPhone 6 review

PoP’n 2, priced at $69.99 and comes in Black, White, Pink, and Blue.

Review of Spigen Slim Armor, Tough Armor for Apple iPhone 6

Spigen has churned out two Apple iPhone 6 cases called Spigen Slim Armor and Tough Armor. Priced at 30 and 35 dollars, both of these cases are very similar to each other. The Spigen is offering special “S” versions of each as well that add slot for insertion of plastic card that doubles as kickstand.

The new Air Cushion Technology corners reduce the thickness of the case while providing extreme protection for your iPhone 6. The 4-Point Rear Guard protects the polycarbonate back plate by lifting the back plate above the surface.

Apple iPhone 6 Case Slim Armor features

* Matte/Glossy TPU + Matte Polycarbonate = Dual Layer Protection
* Advanced Shock Absorption Technology: Web Pattern TPU case
* Drop Protection with AIR CUSHION Corners
* Lay on the table design: 0.6mm lip for optimal screen protection
* Slim, lightweight and form-fitted
* Raised Rear TPU for back panel protection
* Compatible with Beats by Dre headphones
* Compatible with Apple iPhone 6 (4.7”) Only – 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Case Slim Armor review

Apple iPhone 6 Case Tough Armor features

* Matte TPU + Matte Polycarbonate = Dual Protection
* Extreme protection from drops and scratches
* Air Cushion Corners & Spider Web Pattern Shock Absorption
* Lay on the table design: 0.6mm lip for optimal screen protection
* Slimmer but more protective than other protective cases on the market
* 4-point Rear Guard for back panel protection
* Compatible with Beats by Dre headphones
* Compatible with Apple iPhone 6 (4.7”) Only – 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Case Tough Armor review

Crooked slanted text on iPhone 6 bugging new users

Many new owners of Apple iPhone 6 are reporting slanted crooked text on the back of their new devices. While some are not very bothered by it, those who are fond of perfection are now thinking of getting a replacement.

Some people are OCD for that kind of stuff and we believe they have every right of being so after spending hundreds of dollars on a fragile phone and standing in long queues.

iphone 6 crooked slanted text
To those seeking replacement for their iPhones with crooked text, keep in mind that when you replace one iphone with an issue, to only end up with another one that has a dead pixel, faulty home button etc.

Swype on iPhone with iOS8 and battery life

So we finally have been using the new Apple iPhone 6 and we do like the ability to finally use third party keyboards. So we decided to try Swype on iPhone.

While we loved the added functionality and how everything works, we found something that should not be happening. Swype eats battery like a maniac who has been starving from many days.
Swype iPhone

Is it happening on your iPhones as well? I wonder how much power the the default keyboard uses though. It’s part of springboard, so it’s not measured, while Swype is an “app” so it is tracked by it.