Asus PU500CA-XO002X Specs

Here are the specs of Asus PU500CA-XO002X.

Processor ::
Intel Core i5-3317U 1.7GHz
Mainboard ::
Intel HM77 (Panther Point)
Memory ::
4096 MB, DDR3, Dual Channel, 2 GB soldered, a memory bank
Graphics Card ::
Intel HD Graphics 4000 , Core: 350-1050 MHz,
Screen ::
15.6 inch 16:9, 1366×768 pixel, LG LP156WH3-TL1, TN LED, glossy: no
Hard drive ::
Hitachi HTS545050A7380 SMSM150S324G + Kingston 24GB SSD cache, 500 GB 5400 rpm / min
Sound Card ::
Intel Panther Point PCH – High Definition Audio Controller
Ports ::
2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 Kensington Lock, Audio Connections: Audio combo card reader: SD, MMC,
:: Networking
AR8161/8165 Atheros PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (10/100/1000), Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 (a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0


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Belkin N750DB Router Review

The Belkin N750DB router is a wireless dual band N+ router that not only gives you wireless connectivity, but it also gives you four different LAN ports to plug your various devices into if you’d rather stick to the cables. It’s also got a self-healing capability that lets it spot and automatically correct network problems, a video mover system that lets you play video from your library onto your television, a wireless printing solution with a pair of USB ports, , and an automatic backup system. It also has pre-set security, a three-step setup system, gigabit speeds, and a two year limited warranty.

Belkin N750DB review

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HP Mini 110 Review with Broadcom Crystal HD, Specs

HP Mini 110 is a great mini laptop that excels in almost all areas, except when you talk about battery runtimes. Its 3 cell battery will give you under 2 hours of runtimes making it a waste for somebody who likes to work on the move. If you take that out of the way, the HP Mini 110 is very good. It has excellent keyboard, probably the best on a 10.1 inch mini notebook. Read the review to find out more about it.

HP Mini 110 Review

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Enable Hardware acceleration on Lenovo ThinkPad X100e

The reason why you don’t get hardware acceleration even with Flash 10.1 beta 3 is because the driver shipped with Lenovo is out of date. The driver shipped with x100e laptop is version 8.663, but in order to support flash hardware acceleration under 10.1 beta, you need at least driver version 8.680 or above and also you will need Catalyst 9.11 or above. So you will need to update your driver. By default, Lenovo block any non-official driver update. however, there is a wary around it by doing it manually. go to this AMD link:

From there, go to option 2, Download both the driver and the Catalyst Control Center software. Extract the driver files on your X100e (you can either extract it by clicking on the driver file, it ask for an extract location, and once it is extracted, it will try to install, you can cancel the install, you just want to extract the files, that’s all you want from it. so you can cancel the installation. Alternatively, you can extract it with a third party program like WinRAR).

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HP Pavilion DM1 Review, Unboxing, Specs

The HP Pavilion DM1 is Hewlett Packard’s 11.6” entry into the cheap thin and light CULV notebook space. It uses the same chassis as the ION powered HP Mini 311 which has been out for many months already but instead comes with an Intel CULV processor and Intel integrated graphics, instead of an Atom processor and dedicated NVidia ION graphics. This notebook should be good for those wanting better performance outside of gaming.

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Cocoon Grid-It Case Review

The Cocoon Grid-It offers something particularly unusual–instead of a series of pockets for your gear, this one offers a series of bungee straps instead, allowing you to simply strap down things like your AC adapter and the like instead of slipping it into pockets. Most everything from a set of headphones to a DVD case can fit into one of these straps, and you’ll have a variety of sizes on hand to ensure that most everything you need held down gets, in fact, held down.

Cocoon Grid-It Case Review

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