HP Pavilion DM1 Review, Unboxing, Specs

The HP Pavilion DM1 is Hewlett Packard’s 11.6” entry into the cheap thin and light CULV notebook space. It uses the same chassis as the ION powered HP Mini 311 which has been out for many months already but instead comes with an Intel CULV processor and Intel integrated graphics, instead of an Atom processor and dedicated NVidia ION graphics. This notebook should be good for those wanting better performance outside of gaming.

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Cocoon Grid-It Case Review

The Cocoon Grid-It offers something particularly unusual–instead of a series of pockets for your gear, this one offers a series of bungee straps instead, allowing you to simply strap down things like your AC adapter and the like instead of slipping it into pockets. Most everything from a set of headphones to a DVD case can fit into one of these straps, and you’ll have a variety of sizes on hand to ensure that most everything you need held down gets, in fact, held down.

Cocoon Grid-It Case Review

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