How to speed up your Mac laptop and clean all unwanted items

All laptops have a tendency of running fast for few months and slowly start slowing down. Same applies for the Mac laptops and desktops that start lagging too much due to bucketful of trash and unneeded files that are not visible to a normal computer user. These trash, junk files gradually accumulate resulting in slugging overall performance. So if you are cannot stand the slowness of your Mac laptop, we suggest using Movavi Mac Cleaner to do away with the junk files creating unpleasant experience.

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Finding and deleting these files is a very time consuming and inefficient way as there are many, many folders on a Mac that have these unneeded files. But if you use Movavi Mac Cleaner, you can safely locate and remove any and every unrequired file, app or game. Removing these files will give your Mac a significant boost in terms of app loading and boot time. You will also free up few gigabytes of storage space.

Getting started with the Movavi Mac Cleaner is very simple – download the DMG installation file from the official website and drag it to the Applications icon on the dock of your Mac. This will automatically install the app on your computer. Start the app and immediately upon opening the app, it will start search and show you the junk files stored on your computer. There is a moving bar at the bottom that will show you the progress. If your Mac has lots of junk files, it can take a couple of minutes.

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If you want the simplest way to clean your Mac without diving into complex tasks, you can straight away tap on the Start Cleaning button to start the deletion of junk files. If you have a hard time understanding English, you can click on the Gear wheel icon and choose a language of your choice.

You can also tell the app to only perform system cleanup or trash cleanup. This section enables you to remove different types of cache and log files. Here you can use on / off switches to specify the types of files you wish to erase. To only remove the trash files, click the Trash Cleanup section.

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You can use the Uninstaller tool to get rid of the applications you don’t use and the leftover junk they leave after uninstallation process. For that, open the Uninstaller menu and let the Mac Cleaner scan the Mac to find all the user applications, OS X apps and junk left after app removal process.

After following these steps, you will now know how to make mac run faster and smoother. You will also free up valuable disk space that was earlier occupied by junk and unwanted files.

Remove Photo Stamp from a Photo Using Movavi

While Samsung Galaxy Note android phones do not add any sort of photo stamp to a photo, most modern cameras do and I find it extremely annoying. While some cameras do offer an option to turn it off, many of our friend’s cameras still have it on resulting in a lot of photos with time stamp on. In this tutorial, we will show you how to remove that from your pictures.

The best and easiest way to do this is by using Movavi Photo Editor. Download it from official website and install it on your computer. This photo stamp remover software is available for both Windows and Mac computers and installing it is very easy. For Mac, drag and drop the downloaded DMG file onto Applications and for windows, use the installer to install the application.

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Now, start the application and add your photo. Click on Browse for Images and choose the file from which you want to remove the time stamp. Alternatively, simply drag and drop the picture into the app’s editing area. Now, find the Object removal tool from the menu and paint it all over the area where you see data and time stamp.

Take your time to precisely highlight the element as otherwise you would not get great results. We suggest using the Magic Wand button to do the selection. Click on Start Erasing tool to remove the date stamp. Then apply the stamp tool to get rid of any remaining imperfections.

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Using this tool, you can remove any type of text or caption. Movavi Photo Editor is also very useful for removing any kind of watermark. You just need to ensure that these watermarks or captions do not cover any significant or important portion of the picture.

Now that you have removed the time stamp from the photo using Movavi picture editor software, click on the Export button to save the edited image. Give your edited image a name and use any of the popular image formats. We suggest using JPG.

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Of course, you can use the Movavi Photo Editor for much more than removing watermarks and date stamps. This software is one of the most functional, yet most simple-to-use image editing software out there. It takes only a couple of minutes to download and install.

You can use the software for adjusting the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation of the image. Just move the slider to left or right to decrease or increase the effect.

How to do complete backup on Windows 10?

EaseUSTodo Backup tool is an excellent way to do full or partial backups of your computer. It is designed in such a way that even a novice can use it perfectly. The new version allows you to backup your data to cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox.


The software allows users to do backup the entire system and restore it to original state in case disaster strikes. EaseUS Todo Backup tool can be used for other things too, for instance, if you are planning to migrate from hard disk to a solid state drive (SSD) then this application can help you migrate windows 10 to SSD along with programs you had previously installed.

Cloning the entire operating system has been so easy. EaseUS Todo Backup tool is a free cloning software for Windows 10 allowing you to clone the entire the partition and have it saved on your physical media, another partition or even in cloud. You can various different types of backup with most popular being the System backup that gives you full system protection. Some people like to do file backup while some clone the entire disk using Disk Imaging feature that also clones Windows 10 or any other operating system you might have installed.

Talking about operating system, the EaseUS Todo Backup tool supports Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and multiple languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Chinese. Using this backup application is very easy. Just install it from the official website and start backing up easily. In fact, there is no reboot required to complete the installation.

Other nifty features include USB 3.0 support that lets you do backups and restores at a speedier rate compared to the USB 2.0 drives. If you are running out of space on those drives, you can make use of its backup compression feature to ensure that the outputted backup file is as small as possible.

XNSPY for Android Review: A Portal for New Age Parenting

XNSPY is a mobile monitoring application designed for parents to help them in watching over their children. How is a mobile app to do that? With the basic principle that children in 2015 carry a representation of their lives through their smartphones. And by not participating in that aspect of their lives, parents miss out on a wonderful opportunity to be more proactive in new age upbringing. Smartphones are like windows to their lives. So what does XNSPY do? Provide them access to that window, of course.


Features and Offerings

In our experience, parental controls seem to largely be one-function systems whereby parents can either only block certain content from appearing on the child’s devices or place certain censors for targeted activities. XNSPY works a little differently. They’ve got around 30 features, all of which record a particular activity on the child’s phone. You can choose which activities to record. For example, the monitoring app will give you the ability to:

· Record and listen to phone calls

· Read text messages

· Read calendar entries

· Take live screenshots

· Monitor Kik, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and Line

· Take a look at the list of installed apps

· Track GPS locations


There are many more offerings to choose from, but parents can decide what they want to record and what they don’t. All of the collected data is uploaded onto the control panel, which is a web portal that only the parent can sign into. This means that all monitoring activities are completely remote.

The Download Experience

The download experience, we’ll admit, is a little bit tricky. You’ve got to go to their official website, chose a subscription plan (more on that later), and then purchase it. You then receive a download URL which you have to type in manually onto the child’s phone. You then have to follow a few steps before the app becomes fully functional on your child’s device. You are able to download the control panel app from the Play Store. But we do think it would’ve been much easier if the entire software was available to download off the app store. It would eliminate a few steps and just save a bit more time.

Price and Packaging

On the bright side, parents have a lot of subscriptions to choose from. Depending on your needs, you can pick a monthly plan, a quarterly plan, or an annual subscription. You can also pick either a basic version of XNSPY or a premium one. Obviously, the premium one will buy you more features and give you a fuller monitoring experience. But if you simply want to test the waters, the basic one is not so bad either. Overall, it is a sensible investment because it begins at a meager $8.33, which is not so bad.


Final word? The app is actually pretty useful. It records and uploads data in real time and is pretty accurate. But what we liked best was the fact that the website has an active Customer Support which is always ready to answer questions and help you out. Which makes the customer experience vastly enhanced. XNSPY for parents is definitely worth a try.

No more Hide n Seek – This iPhone monitoring software knows where to find you

Parents are indeed the best creation on earth. They work day and night for their children, wake up during the middle of the night when you are crying and try and fulfill every request that you make. The first few years of the parenthood are relatively easy.I know a few of you would strongly disagree with my above statement, but you guys just wait and watch till your child enters their teens.With the help of stylish and alluring iPhones out in the market, children can have access to everything they want through their iPhone and they can do it from wherever they want. Well, guess what; now parents can keep track of their kids at all times with the help of an iPhone monitoring software, Xnspy.


What does Xnspy do?

Xnspy is an amazing iPhone monitoring software that traces you the precise location of your child’s iPhone at any time you want. The starting procedure is fairly simple as well. Firstly, you need to Sign-up for an Xnspy account. Once the sign-up procedure has been completed, you download Xnspy to your child’s iPhone.If you are able to complete these steps, ‘Congratulations’,now you can have access to the entire cell phone data of your child with just a single click. Nexo Kiddo+ is a cheap kids tablets that is very capable



Xnspy is compatible with all latest iPhone models with an operating system of iPhone iOS6.0 and higher than that.

Brilliant features:

This brilliant iPhone monitoring software has some really exciting features up its sleeves.With the help of these features:

· You get to trace the exact location of your child at any time you want. This feature is known as ‘Geo Location’ and it works with the help of the GPS in your child’s iPhone.

· You get to record the surrounding sounds of your child’s cell phone at any given time. This feature is known as ‘Record Surroundings’.

· You get access to all the pictures and videos in your child’s iPhone.

· You get access to the entire web browsing history of your child even if they are using incognito mode.

· You get access to all the SMS messages received and sent from your child’s cell phone. You can even view the messages deleted by your child from their cell phone and the messages saved in drafts as well.

· You get access to all the incoming and outgoing call records of your child. You even have the option to record all the calls if you wish to.

· You get access to all the Contact numbers in your child s mobile Phonebook.

· You get access to all the e-mails of your child.

Mend your ways:

This iPhone monitoring software lets parents know the exact location of their child at any time and keeps them updated with whatever they are doing with their iPhone at that time. If parents find their children involved in anything immoral or illegal, they can make their children mend their ways.

Why I still prefer my laptop for gaming

Gaming is excellent on android platform but is it as good as laptops? These days, tablets are one of the new devices to become popular. These are essentially smaller versions of computer measuring 7 inches or larger. They are much easier to transport which makes them ideal for use on the go. Many casual gamers prefer this type of device for gaming over smartphones and laptops.

Why I still prefer my laptop for gaming

By casual gamers, we mean the ones that would prefer playing angry birds, flappy bird or other simple games from miniclip. Real, hardcore gamers always prefer gaming on their desktops, laptops or gaming consoles like Xbox and Play station. Reason behind this is simple – any tablet or phone, including Samsung Galaxy Note devices is incapable of handling the load that a desktop game requires. While mobile processors have come a long way, they do not pack adequate power.

One the chief reason is heat dissipation. When one runs a game on their desktop, laptop or gaming console, a lot of heat is generated. Those devices come with advanced cooling systems that make use of liquid chemicals and powerful fans to keep the temperature as low as possible. The tablet and phone manufacture cannot even think of equipping their devices with fans or other technologies as they want to keep the device profile thin, something which is not a top priority in case of desktops and laptops – unless you have eyes set on those super-sleep ultrabooks, which are not meant for gaming.

Second reason is battery life. Heavy mobile gaming requires a lot of battery juice. Unless you’re a wall hugger who is charging his phone all day, it does not make sense to play heavy games on mobile device. Keep in mind that phone is a multi-function device and is good only for few minutes of simple, casual gaming. Otherwise, you will have a hard time squeezing a full day out of it.

One of the best gaming laptops are the ones from Acer and Asus. Alienware also used to be good, but their quality has gone downright spiral ever since the company was taken over by Dell. Any laptop or desktop in Acer Predator series and Asus ROG republic of gamer series is best gaming laptop under 50000 in India. Infact, it good enough to play modern games. If you are into consoles, then you can go with either Xbox One or PlayStation.

If you still prefer mobile gaming, then Samsung offers some amazing tablets. You can go for the latest Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 model or if you prefer iOS over Android, then iPad Air 2 is the obvious choice. Keep in mind that those two tablets pack 10 inch displays and if you prefer something compact, then it might be better to go for iPad Mini or Galaxy Tab S tablet. Both pack enough power to run the latest mobile games with ease. They both have brilliant battery life and you will easily be able to get more than a day of gaming.

Convert MP4 to AVI for DVD Player

MP4 is currently the most popular video format and is playable on almost every media device out there, except for the DVD player that can only handle AVI format. So, while you can easily the MP4 file on Android, iPhone, windows phone, windows computer or Mac, you will not be able to play it on the DVD player. In order to play on DVD player, one must convert the file to AVI format that is natively playable.

Convert MP4 to AVI

While there are tons of video conversion software out there, the best and easiest one is Movavi video converter that makes conversion from mp4 to avi a breeze. The software makes use of some of the most advanced algorithms that reduce the conversion time in a big way. Moreover, if your desktop or laptop has hardware encoding or Nvidia CUDA support, encoding will be done even faster.

To use it, download it from the Movavi’s official website and install it on the computer. Both Macs and PCs are supported. Installation is simple and takes only couple of minutes.

After you have installed it, start it up. Since we have to convert MP4 to AVI, we will click on “Add Video” button. You can add all of your MP4 files at once since the Movavi video converter support batch video conversion. After that, click on the drop down menu located beside the “Convert To” label. From there, select AVI present for conversion. In this case, we suggest selecting AVI HD 720p for maintaining optimum video quality and size.

In the next step, specify the destination where you want the converted files to be stored. If you don’t enter any, default location will be used which is same as the input folder. Now, it is time to press the “Convert” button that will start the conversion process.

Once the conversion is completed, the output folder will open that contains all the converted files. You can now burn them to your DVD drive.

The Movavi video converter also lets you convert between various video formats. For instance, if you want to convert from MP4 to MOV or vice-versa, you can do it by selecting MOV format in the “Convert To” option. In a similar way, audio and image file conversion is also possible. Just select “Add Audio” or “Add Image” instead of “Add Video” in the first step; select appropriate codec and click on Convert to start the conversion.

Convert DVD to MP4 for Galaxy Note and Other Devices

If you transfer DVD file on your Samsung Galaxy Note phone or any phone, you will not be able to it natively as the built in media player only supports MP4 and some other video formats. DVD files are combination of video, audio, menus and subtitles and often consume a lot of space. So, one must convert the DVD files to MP4 file format that is easily playable on a multimedia device. MP4 has now become a universal video format, supporting android, iPhone, iPad, windows phone and even desktop OS like windows and Macintosh.

Convert DVD to MP4

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Zgpax S79 Review, a cheap functional smartwatch for Android phone

Zgpax S79 is a smartwatch that also packs a SIM card slot allowing one to use it as standalone phone. So with it, if you do not pair it with your phone, you can use it as a phone that can make and receive calls, send and receive messages and so on. It has built in microphone that talk into the smartwatch to talk to other recipient.

Zgpax S79 Review (2)

Zgpax S79 Review: The Specifications

You get a 1.54 inch display packing 240 x 240 pixel resolution that shows crystal clear text and high definition pictures. When paired with an android or iPhone, it syncs your phone book, call log, messages and music from your phone, allowing one to access them over Bluetooth. So no need to take the phone out of your pocket to access those. You can purchase Zgpax S79 from for $27.54.

Zgpax S79 Review (1)

The Zgpax S79 has a built in camera that lets you freely take pictures and even record videos. That said, if you are serious about photography, consider using the remote camera function on the Zgpax S79 to remotely use the smartphone’s camera. It works with 850/900/1800/1900MHz networks.

Zgpax S79 Review: Other Functions

Some excellent other functions are Sound recorder, alarm, calendar and calculator. The casing is made of stainless steel and its band is manufactured using high quality rubber that is super comfortable to wear. Voice recording function also present that records super high quality voice.

Zgpax S79 Review (4)

Other great functions include pedometer and sedentary reminder that lets you develop better health habits. Pedometer on the S79 lets you monitor the steps and count the distance. Sedentary reminder monitors your sleep and also tells you when to take rest.

Zgpax S79 Review (3)

Last great function is the anti lost feature that alerts you when your phone is not in its range. This way you will never leave phone behind.

Oukitel A28 smartwatch review

Oukitel A28 is an affordable smartwatch that packs a lot of power and functions. Powered by the MediaTek MTK2502 processor, it operates over Bluetooth 4.0 giving stronger compatibility with Galaxy Note android phones and iPhone devices. It doubles as heart rate monitor and actually packs the same sensor that is being used in much-more expensive Apple Watch. This allows you to check your heart rate on the move.

Oukitel A28 review (3)

Since Oukitel A28 is a smartwatch, it syncs SMS, contacts, call log including missed and dialed calls from your phone to the watch. All this is done over Bluetooth, so no need to install any additional software or wires. You can buy Oukitel A28 from for just $56.

Oukitel A28 review (4)

The Oukitel A28 doubles as Pedometer / Sleep monitoring / Sedentary reminder, allowing you to efficiently monitor sleep and reminds you to take rest if you are over working. It has a camera onboard but if you wish to take higher quality pictures, consider using the remote camera function which lets you control your phone’s camera to take pictures. These pictures can be stored on onboard storage or micro SD a k a TF card slot.

Oukitel A28 review (1)

In similar fashion, you can use its remote music function, which streams music stored on your phone to Oukitel A28. Another excellent feature is ability to fetch notifications so you are always informed of your new emails, facebook, twitter, skype, wechat notifications.

Oukitel A28 review (2)

The display on the Oukitel A28 is really amazing. It features IPS technology that looks great from all angles. Measuring 1.54 inches, it has 240 x 240 pixel resolution and it looks stunning in person. The band material is made of genuine leather and case material is manufactured using stainless steel. There are two colors to choose from – brown and black with brown being my favorite.

Battery life is stellar on it – higher than what you find on typical smartwatches. I was able to get 3 days of moderate use. Of course your mileage may vary depending on your usage. Consider switching it off at night to prevent battery drain during night.