Lumia 1525 coming to T-Mobile

Lumia 1520 is one of the best phablets in the smartphone arena. This Windows Phone is very famous for its massive 6 inch full HD display and feature rich 20 megapixel pure-view camera. However it is only available at the AT&T network. According to evleaks the famous leaker, the phone could be heading to T-Mobile network as Lumia 1525.

So could the Lumia 1525 be same as 1520 but with T-Mobile branding or will it be a much different device.

lumia 1525

Unfortunately no details on its specifications or price were revealed other than the fact that it is coming to T-Mobile.

Original Nokia Lumia 635 630 CC-3079 OEM Back Shell Case Review

The Nokia Lumia 630 allows users to easily change the back shell and since Lumia 635 shares the same chassis you can use the OEM cases for it as well. We recently received the official original CC-3079 accessory from The shipping was excellent and we got the product within 2 days which is mighty fast when you consider the fact that it came all the way from UK.

Here is how the packaging looks like:


The orange color is very eye catchy since it has a glossy surface. We love its build quality – very strong and does not flex much.


The Lumia 630 is offered with only matte covers but their official accessory has glossy surface. Removing the cover is very easy – just put your thumb in the middle of the back and pull out the case from bottom right corner of the phone.


Notice that the shell has unique brighter look around the edges.

The fitting is absolutely perfect – no squeaks anywhere. The case hugs the phone tightly. Button feedback is perfect. The back has a milky tone which makes the Lumia 635 and 630 stand out from the rest of the crowd.


To complete the transformation, go into settings > Theme and change the color of tiles to match case color.

Winstron Tiger Windows Phone Hands On Review

Winstron Tiger has released a gigantic windows phone handset with a 6.45 inch display. It packs full HD 1920×1080 pixel resolution and is powered by Snapdragon 800 quad core processor. There are two front facing stereo speakers on it and its entire chassis is made of metal. The Winstron Tiger will come pre loaded with windows phone 8.1 operating system and is even bigger than the biggest Lumia out there, the 1520 that comes with a whopping 6 inch screen.

Winstron Tiger

So while the Winstron is not as big as Nokia, it will certainly take away the crown of biggest windows phone out there. Here is a hands on review video by mobilegeeks.

In the video you can see that there are no hardware buttons for the back, start and search. Instead you get on screen buttons that you find on the cheap Lumia 630 dual SIM handset.

Lumia 638 spotted on Chinese portal, specifications include 1GB RAM, Snapdragon 400

We have just spotted a new Nokia Lumia windows phone on a Chinese website. It is called the Lumia 638 and it has identical specifications like the Lumia 630 but packs a gigabyte of RAM instead of meager 512MB. This will make it instantly compatible with every single application on the windows phone marketplace.

The phone is also listed to have built in 4G LTE to keep you connected to high speed Internet on the move. 638 is up for preorder in China for about 191 US dollars or 1129 Yuan.

lumia 638

Lumia 638 specifications

Main camera sensor: 5 MP
Display size: 4.5 inch
Display resolution: FWVGA (854 x 480)
Radio: 4G LTE, 3G
Memory: 1GB
Storage: 8GB flash expandable through micro SD card slot
Processor name: Snapdragon 400
Battery capacity: 1830mAh

Nokia Lumia 630 Launched In Malaysia for RM 549

Microsoft Malaysia has launched the budget-centric Nokia Lumia 630 in Malaysia for RM 549 (USD 170). The new phone was launched in Kuala Lumpur last week. What makes this phone so special is its quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and ability to expand storage to up to 128GB by using a SDXC card. It is also the first phone locally to come with the latest Windows 8.1 operating system.

lumia 630 malaysia

Lumia 630 brings quad core computing at a very cheap price which is why we feel that it is the true successor to the Lumia 520 that enjoyed extremely handsome figures last year. Here are its specifications:


Display size: 4.5 ”
Display technology: ClearBlack, IPS LCD
Display resolution: FWVGA (854 x 480)
Touch screen technology: Capacitive Multipoint-Touch


Main camera sensor: 5 MP

Power management

Maximum talk time (2G): 16.4 h
Maximum talk time (3G): 13.1 h
Maximum music playback time: 58 h


Processor name: Snapdragon 400
Processor type: Quad-core 1.2GHz

New packaging for Lumia phones spotted

Microsoft has launched Lumia 630 in myriad countries but not many are talking about its new packaging which is radically different from the typical blue boxes we have seen since launch of Nokia windows phones.


Personally we loved the old blue packaging. However since Nokia was using the same blue color for their feature phones, a change to differentiate the Lumia lineup from Asha was much required. The new box makes use of white color primarily instead of blue and is flatter in shape.

Could it be the first of steps Microsoft has taken to shift the brand recognition from Lumia to Surface?

Huawei Ascend W1 Finally Gets Windows Phone 8.1

Even though Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview was released earlier last month, Huawei Ascend W1 were not able to update to the new OS because of firmware / driver issues. In fact, there was enough of a chance that it would brick phones for MS to stop its deployment till the problem could be fixed.

Huawei Ascend W1

An XDA user has made a tutorial on how to get WP8.1 on the Huawei Ascend W1. All the steps are mentioned in this XDA thread. Basically you will need to install Qualcomm driver, followed by its I/O driver and support tool. After that you will be putting custom bootloader onboard to get WP8.1 up and running.

The developer was kind enough to make an easy-to-use video as well.

Download Chadder For Windows Phone and Android

John McAfee has launched Chadder a new encrypted private messaging application that is available for both Android and windows phone platform. The app is coded by FTC (future tense private systems) which is a company founded by folks at McAfee. The FTC has already churned out couple of security apps like Decentral1 and Etransfr.

For now you can download Chadder only on windows phone and Android

Chadder for Windows phone is different from Whatsapp and other messaging clients because its top priority is privacy.

The developer’s goal was to build an application that is fun and easy to use that happens to be private.

When you first sign up, you are asked for providing nick name, user name and password. After that you are able to enter your email address and mobile number to find from your telephone directory.

Download Chadder For Windows Phone and Android

Alternatively you can generate a code to share and link up with individuals that way. As said earlier only WP and Android versions are available for download but iOS support is in the tunnel and would be released sooner than you think.

Yezz Billy Specifications, Dual SIM Quad Core Windows Phone

Yezz is one of the first new OEMs to join the windows phone 8 operating system. If you willing to try a brand other than Nokia for windows phone, it is worth buying Billy which is now on sale for $250.

Yezz Billy Specifications

4.7 inches 720P IPS screen
Corning Gorilla glass
13 mega pixel camera
Supports dual SIM, dual standby
Quad-core Snapdragon processor
Thickness of 7.2 mm
Aluminum housing.

Yezz Billy Specifications

Yezz will be offering it in three colors red, white and blue. Being a budget phone it supports 3G (HSDPA+) but not LTE. Folks at Yezz say,

Today we have launched the world’s thinnest windows phone 8.1 device with a very stylish design. It is beautiful and affordable. The phone will go on sale in late May through Amazon’s website in Europe, Latin America and the United States market.

Windows Phone 8.1.1 Feature List Leaked by Microsoft Employee

A massive feature list for the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1.1 has been leaked by a Microsoft employee on reddit. The employee, microsoftly claims that he works for Microsoft and following features are on their bucket list.

* Interactive live tiles
* Lock screen applications will be built inside core system
* Features in Action Center
* Music controls in Action Center
* More detailed notifications in Action Center
* Dividing line in Action Center
* Application Games to be deleted and replaced with Xbox One application dealing with avatar, messages, remote and other features.
* Name to be decided YouTube application to be built completely with html 5 coding as requested by Google
* Instagram application to have DIRECT MESSAGING and better video uploading capabilities and camera fixes UI for camera to be tweaked with enhanced features from Nokia Camera application
* KIK Messenger to be finished in late June, overhauled design and html 5 support Skype with completely new design.
* Messages in bubbles and chat heads similar to Facebook messenger?
* Facebook messenger to have improved notifications, polished design and new set of fonts along with video chat, calling and improved emoji store
* OneNote to have many new features as Word.
* A possible merger Ability to set WordFlow’s guide line to accent invisible
* Give users choice to have invisible tiles on individual applications
* New lock screen gestures input and other unique, disclosed password input technique options
* Calculator upgrades to version 2 with more scientific features
* Month view drastically changed in design in calendar application
* Alarm application to feature a stopwatch, timer and splits
* Cortana to head out of beta
* Internet Explorer applications
* Give uses the choice to delete Podcasts application
* New voice memo application Backgrounds (Accent Colour 2)
* Store with wallpapers from featured applications
* Ability to favorite applications in store to better suggestions
* Unit converting applications
* Change colour of keyboard to black, white, gray, accent colour without changing background color
* Keep word suggestion bar hidden until something is typed
* Tiles to update as frequently as 30 seconds if feature is turned on by user or developer
* Music volume controls to be centered
* OneNote having abilities to use art tools
* Facebook application from official company
* Email/Outlook application to follow same design as computer base
* Photos will have description such as name, place and time

Windows Phone 8.1.1

The ones that we will definitely we waiting for are music controls in Action Center; KIK messenger and direct messaging in Instagram.