From Android to Windows Phone

My android phone suddenly just refused to charge or turn on and I’m mid contract planning on moving to contract free soon. I ended up with Windows Phone because for $100 the Lumia 520 was surprisingly good, unlike the $80 goPhone android model they had at the at&t store. And I’m far too dependent on a smartphone to go even a few months without one.

From Android to Windows Phone

I like WP more than I thought I would. It has it’s perks and it’s very usable. I mean the fact that for $100 with no contract I can get a WP is amazing. That said, being heavily invested in the Google ecosystem I too will probably switch in a few months once the nexus 5 is out.
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Best Windows Phone 8 Xbox Games

I’m going to judge this based on only xbox live games that I have bothered to get 200 gamerscore. After all if you can be bothered playing the game to completion it must be fairly compelling right?

* The first game that got me really excited about Xbox Games was ilomilo – it’s a little bit on the childish side but its actually a really good puzzle game.

* Glyder is a very fun exploring/ adventure game which involves flying around. It’s an obvious iOS/ android port but worth the money.

* Kinectimals has a very childish gameplay but for some reason I was compelled to collect all of the animals. Not so much replay value once you’ve finished it – great for (young) kids though.
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Samsung Copies Windows Phone UI on Tizen Phone

I knew from the moment I saw Windows phone that Metro UI was the future of design language, this is never going to stop, companies are going to keep ripping Metro UI and looking more and more like it, its up to Microsoft to draw the line and say this is enough and there protect their design language, everyone from HTC one with Blinkfeed /panorama UI to Samsung and its Galaxy S4 hubs which is a blatant copy of WP music hub etc to iOS 7 and Moto X with its stock WP camera UI even Android since ICS 4.0 has been copying Windows Phone, WP has the most desired design language even app developers and websites have mimicked Metro aka Modern UI OS, Metro has spread like wildfire. They even used the same messaging icon! What on earth is Samsung smoking!

Samsung Copies Windows Phone UI on Tizen Phone

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Nokia Italy Rolling Out Amber for Lumia 620, 820, 920

All Nokia Lumia windows phone users have been waiting for the Amber update as it adds some nifty features. Only a few weeks ago, Nokia announced through its support website that it will soon be releasing the update. The update is now being rolled out for the unbranded versions of Nokia Lumia 620, 820, 920 as-well-as for the Vodafone Lumia 620, and Lumia 920.

Nokia Italy Rolling Out Amber for Lumia 620, 820, 920

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Poor Battery Life in Lumia 920, 925

Windows Phone users, especially Lumia 920 and 925 users are facing a problem where they experience sudden battery drain for no apparent reason. It is due to stuck process where a process is stuck in the background and continues to use CPU cycles. Using Visual studio to do analysis we see that the phone OS is stuck at 50% and you get a warning of high CPU cycles.

Symptoms of the problem.

Hot back plate
Left metal banding gets unbearably hot
Cannot charge phone as fast

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Nokia Lumia 625 Australia: Telstra, Optus Price, Release Date

Nokia is all set to bring its uber budget Windows Phone to the Australian market. Yes, we are talking about the Lumia 625 windows phone which will be coming to Telstra as-well-as Optus. It will sport a retail price tag of A$ 399 and will be released in August 23, 2013. Virgin Mobile will also be offering it in first week of September.

Nokia Lumia 625 Australia

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