Galaxy Note 3 Android 10 AOSP ROM available for download

Galaxy Note 3 Android 10 AOSP ROM

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an old android phone but XDA devs keep releasing latest android firmwares for it. Android 10 is now available for download for Galaxy Note 3 and surprisingly, it works like a charm.

ROM download links:

Clean Flash:

Download the latest build and GApps
Reboot to TWRP recovery
Take Backup (Not Necessary)
Wipe System, Data, Cache , Dalvik
Flash the latest build

Dirty flash:

Download the latest build
Reboot to recovery
Flash the latest build and GApps
Wipe Cache

Feature list:


Statusbar icons.
Traffic indicators.
4G Icon Instead of LTE.
VoLTE icon toggle.
Clock Customisation.
Battery Customisation.
Battery Bar.
Old mobile type indication.
Statusbar padding preferences.
Battery percentage while changing.
Navigation Bar:
Navbar invert layout.
Enable/Disable Navbar.


QS brightness slider position.
Battery percentage selection.
Auto brightness icon toggle.
Brightness controll buttons.
Quick pulldown option.
Kill app button.
Vibrate on touch.
Blur behin QS.
QS panel Opacity.
Tint QS toggles.
Battery Customisation.
QS Header.


Charging info.
Fingerprint Authentication Vibration.
Unlock keystore with fingerprint after reboot.
Lockscreen Weather.
Lockscreen visualizer.
Lockscreen media art and Blur customisation.
Disable Quick Settings pannel on secure lockscreen.
Lockscreen charging animation.


H/W keys customisation.
H/W buttons backlight customisations.
Volume key cursor control.
Volume rocker  wake.
Volume key answer option.


Headsup Customisations.
Incall Vibrations.
Battery light customization.
Notifications light customization.
Less boring Headsup.
Headsup snooze & timeout option.
Pulse ambiant display on new song.


Three Finger Screenshot.
Wake on plug.


Doubletap or longpress power to toggle flashlight.
Vibrate in in-call settings.
DU themes.
RGB Accent picker.