Gigabyte AORUS RGB Memory 3600MHz DDR4-3600 compatible DDR4 memory released

Gigabyte AORUS RGB Memory 3600MHz

Gigabyte has released DDR4-3600 compatible DDR4 memory with RGB LED, the AORUS RGB Memory 3600MHz. It will go on sale on 15th May 2020. The price is expected to be around 180 dollars.

Gigabyte AORUS RGB Memory 3600MHz’s memory module that can be driven at 3,600MHz by setting XMP 2.0. The capacity is 8GB x 2 (total 16GB).

Although Gigabyte AORUS RGB Memory 3600MHz has two memory modules, it comes with two RGB LED dummy modules that have exactly the same design, and you can enjoy the illumination by filling the four memory slots.

If you use the AORUS Memory Boost function installed on the company’s motherboard, you can pump it up to 3,733MHz clock speed.

The native operating speed written in SPD of Gigabyte AORUS RGB Memory 3600MHz is 2,666MHz, voltage is 1.2V, latency is 19-19-19-43 on Intel platform and 20-19-19-43 on AMD Ryzen platform. The latency when driving at 3,600MHz is 18-19-19-39, and the voltage is 1.35V.

Gigabyte AORUS RGB Memory 3600MHz feature list.

Memory capacity: 16GB kit (2 x 8GB)
Operating frequency: DDR4-3600 MHz
Timing: 18-19-19-39 (XMP 3600MHz)
XMP Profile: XMP 2.0
RGB Fusion 2.0 compatible
With 2 dummy modules with RGB illumination
High performance heat sink shape
100% tested
JEDEC standard DDR4