Intel Xeon W processor with 56 cores and new memory controller – Xeon W-3400 and Xeon W-2400

Xeon W-3400 and Xeon W-2400

Intel just made Xeon W-3400 and Xeon W-2400 series official. These new Intel processor are processors for workstations offering up to 56 cores.

Intel Xeon processors are designed for professional users in fields such as media, entertainment, engineering and data science. Intel Xeon W-3400 and Xeon W-2400 supports the latest technologies such as DDR5 RDIMM memory, PCI Express 5.0, and Wi-Fi 6E.

Xeon W-3400 and Xeon W-2400 also supports vPro Enterprise, which can be remotely managed, and works in conjunction with ECC memory and Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability RAS technology to maximize workstation uptime.

The top SKU is called Xeon w9-3495X that features a large L3 cache up to 105MB and a newly designed memory controller, which improves single-thread performance by up to 28% and multi-thread performance by up to 120% compared to the previous generation. In addition, Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 has achieved a maximum operating clock of 4.8GHz.

The memory being used is an 8-channel DDR5 RDIMM with a maximum capacity of 4TB. Although it is an RDIMM, it supports DDR5 XMP 3.0 for the first time and supports overclocking. The Xeon W-3400 can connect up to 112 lanes directly to the CPU, and the Xeon W-2400 can connect up to 64 lanes of PCI Express 5.0.

In addition, the 3rd generation Intel Deep Learning Boost AMX / Bfloat16 is installed on Xeon W-3400 and Xeon W-2400 to speed up deep learning learning and inference processing. It also implements functions such as enhanced hardware-assisted security functions and firmware version control.