Sanwa 400-MEDI043 – Radio cassette player that can record cassettes to USB memory


Sanwa Supply has just released a radio cassette player called the 400-MEDI043 that can record cassette tape to a USB memory and also has an AM/FM radio function. The price is 50 USD. This is a great accessory for those who still have those old cassettes and would like them to be stored in a format that is easily sharable and stored.

The main unit of Sanwa 400-MEDI043 has a USB port, and the sound source of the cassette tape can be saved in the USB memory 32GB formatted with FAT32. The recording method is MP3, and the capacity is about 950 KB per minute. It is also possible to play the sound source saved in the USB memory as it is on the main unit.

Sanwa 400-MEDI043 also has a function to record from a USB memory to a cassette tape, and a function to record your voice etc. to a USB memory or cassette tape. It has a built-in radio tuner compatible with AM 530-1,600kHz / FM 76-108MHz, and also has a function to record radio programs on cassette tape.

Power can be supplied by 4 x AA batteries or the included AC cord. The speaker is 1W, and audio output is also possible with a 3.5mm stereo minijack.

The body size of Sanwa 400-MEDI043 measures 220 x 105 x 65mm, and the weight is about 630g.