Shuttle DH170 Specs, comes with Intel Skylake and only 43 mm thick

Shuttle DH170 is a mini PC from popular German computer manufacture. Powered by the new Intel Skylake platform, it is only measures 43 mm in thickness, thus ideal to be placed in small spaces and even the VESA attachment of a monitor.

Shuttle DH170 Specs

Has said Tom Seiffert, head of marketing and public relations Shuttle,  “This type of box is ideal for all situations, including those where environmental or space are not the best conditions for a PC, but still needed have a team that provides good computing power.”


Shuttle DH170 is barebones which means that the user must install the hard disk and RAM on your own. So you will not be able to use it straight out of the box. For processors, you get to choose between Intel Celeron, Pentium and Core i-series processor that go up to 65W TDP. It offers active cooling system with two built-in fans.


The system supports configurations up to 16GB of DDR3L RAM and M.2 SSDs with PCI-Express interface of any capacity so that users could integrate a fairly powerful and fast inside this little device system. Shuttle DH170 incorporates Intel Gigabit network card with two RJ-45 inputs, four USB 3.0, four USB 2.0 and two Display Port outputs and a HDMI video. It also has two RS-232 ports to integrate relatively old industrial devices or those who still use this interface.

The recommended retail price for these new DH170 Shuttle is 224 euros and remember that you have to buy SSD and RAM memory separately.