SilentiumPC Navis EVO ARGB: new AIO liquid refrigerations with ARGB lighting and 350W of TDP

SilentiumPC Navis EVO ARGB review SilentiumPC has just presented its new range of AIO SilentiumPC Navis EVO ARGB liquid refrigerations. These new models (4 models, in total) are aimed at users looking for high performance, but with a sound level contained in their equipment. Not surprisingly, three of these models are capable of cooling processors with TDP as high as AMD Threadripper, while being compatible with most AMD and Intel sockets.

Since we were talking about refrigeration, we will start talking about the specifications in this regard that this new series of liquid refrigerations of the AIO type has. Three of the models (models 240, 280 and 360) have been designed to be able to cool a TDP of up to 350 W. The remaining model, which uses a 120 mm diameter fan, “only” can eliminate TDP from up to 270 W. That is why this model is the only one in the series that is not compatible with its use with AMD Threadripper processors.

The fan configuration and rotation speeds of these new SilentiumPC AIO models are as follows:

Navis EVO ARGB 120 : 1 x 120 mm 800 – 2,300 rpm
Navis EVO ARGB 240 : 2 x x120 mm 800 – 2,300 rpm
Navis EVO ARGB 280 : 2 x 140 mm 800 – 1,800 rpm
Navis EVO ARGB 360 : 3 x 120 mm 500 – 1,600 mm

All Navis EVO ARGB liquid cooling models employ special fans developed to have high static pressure. This type of fans are suitable for this type of task because those who lack it are not able to pass the air flow they generate through the radiator cooling system.

The RGB lighting of the new SilentiumPC AIOs will be compatible with the motherboards of the most important manufacturers.

SilentiumPC Navis EVO ARGB reviews

The configurable RGB lighting of the new SilentiumPC Navis EVO ARGB AIO can be controlled in two ways:

Through a device called Nano-Reset ARGB, which is capable of offering up to a dozen different lighting modes for AIOs.

Through the users’ own motherboard (as long as it is compatible with this functionality, of course). In this regard, the new SilentiumPC AIOs are compatible with use with ASRock Polychrome, ASUS Aura SYNC and GIGABYTE RGB Fusion systems.

The RGB lighting of these new AIOs focuses on the fan blades, as well as the processor’s water block. Which is also where the circuit’s water pump is housed. A water pump that uses ceramic bearings to minimize wear, friction and loudness of this part of the AIO circuit.

That, by the way, the cold base of the water block (the part that is in contact with the IHS of the processor on one side and with the cooling liquid on the other) is made of copper. However, the radiator is made of aluminum. This means that SilentiumPC must have added some additive to the coolant to minimize corrosion problems that occur whenever copper is mixed with aluminum in a liquid cooling circuit.