Top 4 desktop cabinets under 70 euros


Not everyone can afford to buy a box whose sides are made using tempered glass. However, there are many boxes in the market with windows with more than decent prices that will delight all users who want to acquire one of them. In this tutorial we bring you four of the most popular models.

Before the current and absurd fever was unleashed by the boxes with tempered glass on their sides, computer users were perfectly happy with the boxes with side windows, which have been used for a long time. What happens is that, currently, this type of models have been pretty cornered by models that use tempered glass.

Cornered or not, among this type of boxes there are many models that can perform their function as a computer case perfectly, at the same time they will allow us to show the components that we have mounted inside them. At the end of the day, for that we bought a box with a side window.

BitFenix ​​Comrade

This box with side window is a good example that a box of these characteristics does not have to be expensive. The box is very functional in everything it offers, such as the three 5.25 “bays, three other 3.5” bays and three extra 2.5 “bays. It is not an especially large box model, but at least it allows to install in its interior graphic cards of 300 mm in length and heatsinks of up to 160 mm of atura without problems.

The price of the BitFenix ​​Comrade Window is 48.62 euros.

NOX Hummer ZX


We are not going to deny that the NOX Hummer ZX has always been one of our favorite window boxes, especially since we had the possibility of doing our review and realizing the excellent box that was at the time and still is today. And as you can see in the photo, the side window that has the box is of considerable dimensions, so you can perfectly control everything that happens inside.

The price of the NOX Hummer ZX has dropped from the 60 euros it cost at the time to the 45.99 euros it costs now.

Cooler Master MasterBox TD500L


This model of Cooler Master is a perfect one for those who like the look of tempered glass boxes on the sides, but we are very convinced of wanting to deal with the risks of having this type of material in its box. Therefore, this model uses an acrylic plastic plate on its left side, which is far less fragile than tempered glass. Even so, the box supports heatsinks up to 166 mm in height and supports graphics cards up to 407 mm in length.

The price of the Cooler Master MasterBox TD500L is 47.51 euros today.

Antec P7


The last of the boxes with a side window today is the Antec P7. It is a very sober looking model on the outside, although not for that reason, they do not have much space inside for the installation of the components. For example, the maximum height for the processor heatsink is 165 mm, and allows the installation of a graphics card up to 390 mm in length.

Currently, the Antec P7 costs 48.16 euros.