Twitter Music is dead officially

Twitter has made it official that its Twitter Music app for Apple iOS devices will no longer available for download starting from today. The application was launched in April 2013 and it looked at the people you were following on Twitter and based recommendations off them, serving up a perfect mix of tunes to you.

twitter music

While the Twitter Music application entered the top App Store charts, it just disappearedĀ  from the list and never returned, suggesting it was a flop. According to the reports Twitter considered killing it since last autumn but has now broken its silence. This was tweet posted on official Twitter Music account.

Later this afternoon, we will be removing Twitter #music from the App Store. If you have the app, it will continue to work until April 18. We continue to experiment with new ways to bring you great content based on the music activity we see every day on Twitter.

Exciting Users will have access until 18 April. The app has already been removed from app store.