Asus FX553 VD VE Overheating Problem solution

If you own a Asus FX553 VD or VE and find the laptop running incredibly hot, we have a solution for your problem. But first we need to understand why the Asus FX553 runs so hot. The

Best laptop for photoshop under 500 2017: Cheap photoshop laptop under 500 dollars

Best photoshop laptop under 500 dollars 2017 Photoshop or graphic designing need a laptop with good configuration to handle heavy graphics So you are into graphic design and use Photoshop on a regular basis. However right now

Best Mini Projectors 2017: Affordable mini projectors for home and work

This list contains the best mini projectors of 2017. Mini projectors have got very popular in 2016. Earlier it was not possible to carry a projector due to the large dimensions but now portable projectors are available

Best mini laptop of 2017: Top 10 mini laptops 2017 – Best mini laptop with long battery

Mini Laptops also knows as Netbooks were supposed to be dead in 2010 but they are still going strong thanks to their cheap price tags and portability factor. Back then Asus was the most dedicated netbook manufacture

Gfycat Minute-Long GIF Support Added

Gfycat has added a new GIF feature that promises to transform how we share short form content: longer GIFs that fully capture product demos, gamer reels, tutorials, and DIYs. Until now, the Gfycat supported only 15 seconds

Galaxy S5 Mini Underclock Overclocking ROM

You can overclock or underclock Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini by flashing the Slim6 Marshamallow ROM. The developer has enabled graphite, strict aliasing, memory sanitize, cortex tuning and pthread. There are a few build.prop tweaks as well. He

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini TWRP for Exynos Qualcomm Variants: G800H G800F TWRP

If you are looking for some adventure with your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini android smarpthone, you might want to flash custom recovery onto it. The best custom recovery is TWRP and it lets you flash custom and

Download Galaxy S8 Voice Recorder for S5 Mini and Samsung Android phones

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 voice recorder looks pretty sleek and you can download and install it on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini or any other Samsung android phone running android marshmallow which is v6 of the

Download Microsoft Petya Ransomware Patch

Microsoft has issued patch for the Petya ransomware which makes use myriad techniques to spread. This Petya ransomware infects all the computers ranging from those running windows XP upto Windows 10. If you are not infected, users

Weather Tracking Software & Why Your Business Needs It

r outages — no matter what form it takes, bad weather rolling in can threaten your business’s continued operations and the safety of your customers and personnel. With advance warning, you can take measures to limit the