Flagship Windows 10 Lumia to come with 3D Touch

3D Touch was slated to make their debut on Nokia McLaren but the phone was cancelled later but it appears that Microsoft will be bringing the revolutionary 3D Touch, buttonless interaction technology to its upcoming flagship. Upcoming

Intel Core i5 5500U benchmark, a stellar performer

We tested out the Intel Core i5 5500U processor that came on Nec Lavie hybrid laptop. The laptop did not come with discrete graphics which will allow us to properly do Intel Core i5 5500U benchmark since

HP Probook Stream 11 and Pro 11 Education Edition specifications, tailored for school

HP Probook Stream 11 and Pro 11 Education Edition are the two new cheap laptops. Both of these two are part of the HP National Education Technology Assessment (NETA) that technological strategies for sustainable education and evaluate

MultiCam iPhone 6 Plus Case Review, unique and stylish

Do you fear that your will easily bend your new Apple iPhone 6 Plus? Well consider getting the MultiCam iPhone 6 Plus case for it. It will not only prevent your iPhone from getting bent but also

MSI Adora20 5M and AE200 5M powered by AMD Beema

Micro Star International loves all in one computers and the company has launched two new AIOs namely MSI Adora20 5M and AE200 5M both of which are powered by AMD Beema. Interestingly both MSI Adora20 5M and

NVidia GeForce GTX 960 specifications, uses GM206 GPU

NVidia GeForce GTX 960 is the new graphic card that introduces the new GM206 GPU and it is also the world’s first graphics card that is capable of outputting 5K resolution. NVidia GeForce GTX 960 specifications include

RM-1099 Lumia spotted on Indonesian certification site

We have just spotted a new Lumia device on Indonesian website. Its product code is RM-1099 and it has been revealed for the first time. Earlier we have reported RM-1072 and RM-1077 phones both of which will

Crucial BX100 specifications, affordable SSDs for the consumers

Crucial has launched some really good solid state drives that an average consumer can afford and buy. Called the Crucial BX100 it will be made available in four capacities –  120 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB and

Saygus V2 hands on review, are two micro SD cards on a smartphone really useful?

If you are store a lot on your smartphone, then Saygus V2 might be the smartphone you are looking for. Developed by a small company in the USA, the Saygus V2 packs 5 inch display and has

Tech, Gaming, And 1-Click Spending

Small and simple advances in everyday technology have had numerous effects on the video game industry in recent years. No single effect has been particularly monumental, but various shifts in consoles, online markets, mobile apps, etc. have